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Life may be a gamble but Insurance provides the foundation
for financial security

Welcome CSSA members!


This website was developed to help the clubs and members navigate in locating the appropriate coverage for you or your club.  Feel free to look around and if you need assistance please call our office at1-800-583-3381 or email and speak with our representative Ian Polzin.



If you’re a club and wish to enroll for coverage please click here for application


If you’re a club and wish to enroll for directors & officers coverage

click here for application


For individuals ,Auto and home insurance, download our flyer for coverage with Novex


For Group Health and Dental insurance, click here for personalized coverage that includes many benefits for CSSA members


If you need travel insurance, click here


If you’re looking for individual life insurance, click here

Insurance Programs
Life Insurance Plan
Individual Life
Accident and Sickness
Critial Illness
Disability Insurance
Health Insurance Plan

Health and dental Programs for
Individuals or Small Firms
Property and Liability Commercial Insurance Plan
Individual Home & Auto
Building & Property Insurance
Special Events Liability
Small Business Liability